Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spy Gear Ultimate Mission Set

Spy Gear Ultimate Mission Set

23 Spy Tools in a Carrying CaseEvidence KitSpy HandcuffsMicro ShooterMotion Alarm
With the Spy Gear Ultimate Mission Set you can investigate enemy agents and defend your spy team! Once youve secured youre with the motion alarm, set out on a top secret investigation. Collect evidence, dust for fingerprints, and analyze them with the UV black light! Are enemy agents lurking around? Defend yourself with the wrist-mounted micro shooter. Once youve identified your suspect, capture them with the motion-activated handcuffs. One false move and the alarm will sound off!

Price: $ 48.99

Wild Planet A Pirate's Life Hook Fortune Finder

A pirate metal detector that really works!Find pirate coin.sSkull eye glows when treasure is near.Includes 3 pirate coins.Pirate Metal Detector works both indoors and out
Attach the hook shaped metal detector to your arm and search the seven seas for coins - pieces of eight, Spanish doubloons or even special pirate coins. Watch the skull eye glow when pirate treasure is near.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 1.87

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