Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ramsey SS70C Speech Scrambler Descrambler Kit

Ramsey SS70C Speech Scrambler Descrambler Kit

Decode all that garbled gibberish!Full duplex operation allows scrambling and descrambling at the same time!Bypass mode provides quick change from direct audio to descramble!Electronic kit, assembly required
Communicate in total privacy over your radio! This is the popular SS70C descrambler/scrambler that you've read about in all the Scanner and Electronic magazines. The technology used within the unit is known as speech inversion which is compatible with many police department systems; hook it up to your scanner speaker terminals and you're in business. (However, always be sure to check with your local authorities to ensure that you re not straying into any unlawful communications reception.) The SS70C is full duplex in operation - you can scramble and unscramble at the same time. Easily configured for any use! Easy to build since all complex circuitry is contained in a custom ASIC chip which provides clear, clean audio. Powered by 9 to 15VDC. Use our AC125 AC power supply for simple plug in operation. Audio connections are 3.5mm mini phone type input/output jacks. The included case measures 5 W x 1 1/2 H x 5 1/4 D.

Price: $ 49.95

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