Friday, December 24, 2010

TRENDnet SecurView Day/Night Internet Surveillance Camera Server with 2-Way Audio TV-IP312 (Silver)

TRENDnet SecurView Day/Night Internet Surveillance Camera Server with 2-Way Audio TV-IP312 (Silver)

Secure your home or office with high quality dual streaming MPEG-4Complimentary SecurView software: view and record up to 16 cameras simultaneously (32-bit only)Hear and talk to people in your camera?s viewing area through your computerSupports TCP/IP networking, SMTP Email, HTTP, Samba and other Internet protocols (Does not support SSL)Infrared lens enables day and night version (night visibility up to 5 meters)
The 2-Way Audio Day/Night Internet Camera transmits real-time high quality video and audio over the Internet. See, hear and talk to people, in your camera’s viewing area during the day or in the dark, from any Internet connection. Complimentary SecurView camera management software allows you to monitor what you value most at home or at work. The camera provides crystal clear MPEG4 video streams over an internet connection. The Infrared lens provides night monitoring for low light environment. A built-in microphone and optional speakers accommodate 2-way audio communication. Advanced intuitive software includes motion detection recording, email alerts (Does not support SSL,USB port supports up to 500mA power device with FAT16/32 format,The 3G service from a mobile phone provider is required, Windows 32-bit only. Monitoring multiple cameras may require a high performance CPU and graphic card), scheduled recordings and progressive search options. This cameras brilliant image quality, USB flash support, day and night capabilities and 2-way audio make it ideal for home, small office and business use. SecurView cameras are not compatible with TRENDnet’s IPView Pro camera application for ProView cameras.

List Price: $ 197.99

Price: $ 179.71

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