Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Secret Agent Barbie

Secret Agent Barbie

Track clues around the world w/ Barbie & solvethe thrilling spy adventureProduct InformationYour mission: catch the mysterious thief who stole fashions made of top-secretfabric and stop the creation of an invisible suit.Solve mini-missions in cities like Paris Tokyo and more!You will go undercover and help Barbie sneak tumble and even blend into thesurroundings as she pursues the thief from city to city.Decode clues solve puzzles and use high-tech gadgets like pink-vision glassesand a robot spy puppy to uncover the plot and courageously save the day!Fun Activities Include Join Barbie and her team on an exciting 3D spy adventure! Revel clues sneak past guards and more using spy gadgets! Stay hot on the trail of the culprit! Meet friends and foes in every location! Solve puzzles with the clues you find!Product Features Encourages an innovative approach to problem solving Promotes creative thinking in a realistic and rich 3D setting Inspires team work and hours of computer fun tracking down cluesMinimum Requirements Windows 95/98/Me/2000 Pentium II 266MHz or higher 64MB RAM 3D video card with 8MB 130MB available on hard drive 16X CD-ROM drive 16-bit color 16-bit Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card Standard Keyboard MouseBarbie is finally a woman of action. Taking up international espionage in Secret Agent Barbie, she travels the world in pursuit of justice. A thief has stolen valuable clothing from a friend of hers, a fashion designer who is just setting up for a big show. In order to bring the thieves to justice, Barbie has a full team of helpers and a complement of gadgetry. To get past a guard who won't let her through a door, she uses her compact to blow foundation in his face. To investigate areas too tiny for her to access, she has a robotic spy puppy. Her Pinkvision goggles can seek out the combinations to otherwise secured doors. Finally, Barbie has two gymnastic skills: dive rolls that carry her past

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