Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Spy Junior (Jewel Case)

I Spy Junior (Jewel Case)

Brain-building games for kids! Product Information Unique learning fun! I Spy Junior features charming picture riddles, fun puzzles, and multi-leveled gamesthat strengthen early-learning skills and encourage creative play. Kids discover how smart they are as they solve over 70 rhyming picture riddles and master clever puzzles and games. As they play, they develop important early-learningskills. It's unique learning fun for your little one! What is I Spy? I Spy, created by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick, is an award-winning series of books, software, jigsaw puzzles, and games for children. I spy combines intriguingphotographs of familiar objects with rich rhyming riddles to create bran-testing puzzles that kids can't resist. Each time kids play I Spy, they discover clever object associations, word play, and themes which help them build important learning skillsincluding reading, problem solving, and creativity. Kids think when they play I spy! Picture Riddles Put your thinking cap on and look carefully. Sometimes you need to move an object tosolve a riddle. Special Features It's fun to explore! Use the built-in magnifying glass to find the hidden riddle objects Oops Hoops! Can you figure out which objects belong in each hoop? Oops Hoops! presentsmore challenging games as you play. And More! Discover over 70 different rhyming picture riddles and multi-leveled games that engage kids for hours. Product Features Sixamusing and challenging areas with over 70 clever picture riddles, puzzles, and games: Napture, Busy Bins, Blocks, Oops Hoops!, Pattern Place, and Make Your Own I Spy. Multiple levels of activities for aconstant challenge.This CD-ROM game is based on the award-winning I Spy book series. The game engages children with clever and colorful scenarios and builds learning skills through riddles, puzzles, and games.

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